HAX Technologies offer optimization of extrusion presses and lines. An optimization can be viewed as a way to exploit the full capacity of the press and/or press line with its present equipment.

Extrusion Press Optimization
The purpose of an optimization is to get the press to run smooth without pressure peaks and fast with a short dead cycle time. It also includes an analysis of the press and the possibilities for improvement by hydraulic and control system upgrades.

The optimization is performed by one hydraulic specialist and one control system specialist. They analyse the press and go through moment by moment in the dead cycle time in order to reduce pressure peaks and optimize the cycle to shortest possible dead cycle time. The typical dead cycle time reduction for an optimization is between 20 to 25 percent.

Press Line Optimization
A press line optimization aims at analysing and programming the entire press line in order to achieve an optimum flow. The analysis will also result in recommendations on how to improve the performance of the line in the most cost effective way.